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Adding some info to documentation, about the NoData indexer's property for ImageMosaic

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......@@ -239,6 +239,9 @@ In addition to the required envelope and location attributes, the schema for the
* - Name
- N
- The name to be assigned to the index. If unspecified, the index name will usually match the name of the folder containing the mosaic.
* - NoData
- N
- Specifies the NoData for the mosaic. (This might be useful, as an instance, when imposing the Envelope2D. At time of ImageMosaic's initialization, a small 5x5 pixels sample read is performed by ImageMosaic on the Envelope's corner in order to retrieve granule's metadata and properties, as nodata. If Envelope2D is forced in configuration, there might be the case that this sample read will not involve any actual granule so a default noData will be set which may be different with respect to what is actually stored on granules. Specifying the desired NoData property in indexer will solve this type of issue).
* - CoverageNameCollectorSPI
- N
- As described in the previous row, the Name parameter allows specification of the coverage name to be exposed by the ImageMosaic. An ImageMosaic of NetCDFs instead exposes a coverage for each supported variable found in the NetCDF, using the variable's name as the coverage name (for instance, air_temperature, wind_speed, etc.) The optional CoverageNameCollectorSPI property allows specification of a CoverageNameCollector plugin to be used to instruct the ImageMosaic on how to setup different coverageNames for granules. It should contains the full name of the implementing class plus an optional set of semicolon-separated keyValue pairs prefixed by ":". See below for an example.
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