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.. note:: Note that internally the GRIB extension uses the NetCDF reader, which supports also GRIB data.
.. note:: Note that internally the GRIB extension uses the NetCDF reader, which supports also GRIB data. See also the :ref:`netcdf` documentation page for further information.
Current limitations
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* - ``URL``
Notes on supported NetCDFs
The NetCDF plugin for GeoServer supports gridded NetCDF files having dimensions following the COARDS convention (custom, Time, Elevation, Lat, Lon).
`ToolsUI <>`_ is an useful java tool developed by UCAR which can be useful for a preliminary check on your dataset.
Opening a sample NetCDF using that tool will show an output like this in the Viewer tab:
.. figure:: dataset.png
:align: center
*NetCDF viewer in ToolsUI*
* This dataset has 4 dimensions (time, z, lat, lon, marked by the D icon in the left side of the GUI. They have been marked by a blue rectangle in the screenshot).
* Each dimension has an associated independent coordinate variable (marked by the green rectangle).
* Finally, the dataset has 3 geophysical variables, marked by a red rectangle, each having 4 dimensions.
The NetCDF plugin supports datasets where each variable's axis is identified by an independent coordinate variable, as shown in the previous example.
Two dimensional non-independent latitude-longitude coordinate variables aren't currently supported.
A coordinate variable like this will be a coordinate variable having 2 dimensions to index it (such as y,x/rows,cols/i,j...).
A similar dataset will look like this in ToolsUI. Look at the red marked latitude and longitude coordinate variables, each one identified by a y,x 2D matrix.
.. figure:: dataset2dcoords.png
:align: center
*NetCDF viewer in ToolsUI for 2D coordinate variables*
Supporting Custom NetCDF Coordinate Reference Systems
Starting with GeoServer 2.8.x, NetCDF related modules (both NetCDF/GRIB store, imageMosaic store based on NetCDF/GRIB dataset and NetCDF output format) allow to support custom Coordinate Reference Systems and Projections.
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