Commit 50fbdb1c authored by Kevin Smith's avatar Kevin Smith Committed by Andrea Aime
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GEOS-7203, Check that there is a cache before checking if it's enabled

parent ae717180
......@@ -264,7 +264,11 @@ class GeoServerTileLayerEditor extends FormComponentPanel<GeoServerTileLayerInfo
public void validate(IValidatable<GeoServerTileLayerInfo> validatable) {
if (enabled.getConvertedInput() && !isBlobStoreEnabled(blobStoreId.getConvertedInput())) {
final Boolean createVal = createLayer.getConvertedInput();
final Boolean enabledVal = enabled.getConvertedInput();
final String blobStoreIdVal = blobStoreId.getConvertedInput();
if (createVal && enabledVal && !isBlobStoreEnabled(blobStoreIdVal)) {
error(new ParamResourceModel("enabledError", GeoServerTileLayerEditor.this).getString());
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